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Car Wash Pit & Drain Cleaning in Vancouver

Ace Tank Services provides car washes with regularly scheduled car wash pit maintenance services in the Greater Vancouver region. Included is:

Sediment and sand clean-out services

Cleaning of drains

Flushing of drains and culverts

This service is also appropriate for storm drains, sludge removal, wastewater removal, etc. We have the right equipment and experience to get the clean-up done quickly, efficiently, and affordably to keep your systems running optimally.


To learn more about our services, contact Ace Tank Services by calling 604-534-8242 (Langley), 604-820-3354 (Mission) or toll-free at 1-877-820-3354. You can also send us a message. We also offer scheduled contracts on a 3, 6 or 12-month rotation.

Car Wash Pit & Drain Cleaning services
Storm Drain Maintenance

Storm Drain Maintenance in Mission and Greater Vancouver

For residential strata, commercial and industrial properties, maintaining the catch basins and storm drains is imperative for avoiding floods and excessive standing water. Ace Tank Services has worked with residential, commercial and industrial property owners for 40 years in the cleaning and flushing of storm drains and catch basins to keep them free of debris and working properly using our vacuum trucks.

For blocked storm drains or catch basins that are backing up, our vacuum truck uses jetted water and suction to clear the debris and get the drain or basin working again. Once it’s cleared, we can offer you regular maintenance to avoid future problems.

Take advantage of our annual or bi-annual maintenance program so you have your catch basins and storm drains maintained without the hassle and at an affordable price. We’ll come and perform drain maintenance regularly. Just tell us what schedule suits your property.

We clean, pump, vacuum and flush drains and basins as a preventative measure as well as in emergency situations. To learn more about our services, contact Ace Tank Services by calling 604-534-8242 (Langley), 604-820-3354 (Mission) or toll-free at 1-877-820-3354. You can also send us a message.


Parking Lot Draining and Catch Basin Services in Vancouver

It’s important to keep your parking lot drains and catch basins (or storm drains) clear, functional, and tidy at all times to avoid any unforeseen clogging during a heavy storm. Flooding can be extremely damaging to human life and can be very costly when it comes to repairs.

Ace Tank Services provides professional inspection and maintenance services for your parking lot drains and catch basins so that any problems can be prevented. We also have a state-of-the-art "lowboy" vacuum truck that can lower its air suspension to get into underground parkades.

Our trained experts can clear your drains of any excess debris like leaves and branches that might get stuck in the gutter grates either by using a vacuum or by hand, depending upon the severity of the block. These drains, especially storm drains, should be cleaned out at least once a year for efficient functions and seeping during heavy rainfall and inclement weather.

If you’re not sure whether your drains need to be cleaned out, here are some signs you can watch out for:

Noticeable pooling of water

Clogging in nearby drains

Odd odours in the surrounding area

Street gutter for storm water drainage system
a worker is doing hydro excavation services

Hydro Excavation Services in Mission

Ace Tank Services hydro vac trucks offer reliable hydro excavation services in Mission. Using pressurized water and an industrial-strength vacuum to break up and excavate soil, we offer a safe, quick and efficient process. We remove the debris created during the excavation process and transport it to an appropriate dumping facility. This is the perfect solution for protecting underground systems while building trenches for the placement of wires or lines.

Trenching, Digging or Exposing Utilities

Hydro excavation is often used to excavate for placing post holes, trenching for hydro or oil lines, digging specific sized holes deep in the ground, lift station clean-outs and tunnelling to expose underground utility lines. Hydro excavation causes minimal soil disturbance with an experienced operator utilizing the pressurized water to open up the ground. The pressure washing system on our hydro vac trucks can be used with either hot or cold water.

Dispatching a Hydrovac Truck Quickly

Ace Tank Services’ highly experienced technicians can be dispatched to your hydro excavation project usually within a quick timeframe. To learn more about our services, including hydro excavation in Langley, contact Ace Tank Services by calling 604-534-8242 (Langley), 604-820-3354 (Abbotsford) or toll-free at 1-877-820-3354.


Get Your Parking Lot Drains Inspected

Get catch basin cleaning and other hydro vac services from our trained professionals.

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