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Dependable Septic Tank & Holding Tank Cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning Services

With over 40 years of experience, Ace Tank Services has provided clients in Surrey with professional septic tank & holding tank cleaning services for their residential properties.

Home septic systems need pumping on a regular basis, typically every 2 to 5 years to avoid the risk of costly repairs and health concerns. If you notice sluggish drains or hear gurgling in the sewage system, you’ll need your septic tank pumped. But, it’s best to get your tank inspected and pumped before it gets to that point.

Some indications that your septic system needs attention are:

Soft or mushy areas in your yard

Sluggish drains

Gurgling noises while flushing

Foul smells

Each time a septic tank is pumped by Ace Tank Services, our drivers perform a visual check. They check for cracks, excessive sludge, water levels, blocked pipes (both inlet and outlet), etc. This visual inspection is included in our standard septic cleaning and pumping service.

Septic Tank Cleaning by pipe

Locating a Septic Tank

To pump your septic tank, you will need to expose your septic lid. If unsure where the septic tank is, we offer a tank location service, using a camera. Sometimes our experts can locate your septic tank without a camera but only if the placement follows the standard rules (usually the septic tank is located by the master bathroom).

Field Flushing

When a yard is overly wet and mushy, we often find it is because the septic field lines have become clogged with dirt, or in some cases, with sewage that has seeped from an overly full septic tank. While doing a septic field flush, we use high-pressure water jetters to dislodge any dirt and blockages and are often able to correct the problem.

Line Flushing

Sometimes the sewer lines entering and exiting the septic tank can get clogged with fats, oils and grease. We offer high-pressure line flushing to clear all the caked-on material and ensure that the wastewater flows freely to each component of the system. Ask us about our line flushing service by giving us a call today at 604-534-8242 or send us a message!


Septic Riser Installation

For septic systems that are relatively simple, where the lid is buried, we are able to install a riser lid that is flush with the ground. This simplifies the process of having to expose the septic lid to have your system pumped. The riser is secured by screws. Ask about our septic riser installation service.

Our Residential Services Include:

Septic field flush

High-pressure septic line flushing

Perimeter drain services

Septic and holding tank cleaning

R.O.W.P. services (Registered Onsite Wastewater Practitioner)

Septic system camera location services

Liquid waste removal (flooding and water removal)

Enzyme products available

Holding Tank Cleaning & Pumping Services

Holding tanks must be maintained more frequently than septic tanks. Since holding tanks do not usually drain off excess water, they need to be pumped and emptied often as all wastewater and waste from your home is collected in this system. Depending on the size of the tank and the number of occupants, most holding tanks are pumped monthly or every 3 months.

Many holding tanks include a sump pump that moves the fluid from the house to the tank, especially if there are any inclines involved. Though we do not repair holding tank sump pumps, we do check them when we empty the holding tank to ensure they are working and if repairs are needed, we can sometimes make recommendations to a company that can service the sump pump for you.

Ace Tank Services’ holding tank maintenance program includes regularly scheduled pumping of your holding tank. To learn more about our services, contact us.

septic tank inspection and cleaning

Septic System Installation & Design

We provide professionally supervised installations for your septic tanks and can optimally design them as well.

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