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Parking Lot Draining and Catch Basin Services in Vancouver

It’s important to keep your parking lot drains and catch basins (or storm drains) clear, functional, and tidy at all times to avoid any unforeseen clogging during a heavy storm. Flooding can be extremely damaging to human life and can be very costly when it comes to repairs.

Ace Tank Services provides professional inspection and maintenance services for your parking lot drains and catch basins so that any problems can be prevented. We also have a state-of-the-art “lowboy” vacuum truck that can lower its air suspension to get into underground parkades.

Our trained experts can clear your drains of any excess debris like leaves and branches that might get stuck in the gutter grates either by using a vacuum or by hand, depending upon the severity of the block. These drains, especially storm drains, should be cleaned out at least once a year for efficient functions and seeping during heavy rainfall and inclement weather.

If you’re not sure whether your drains need to be cleaned out, here are some signs you can watch out for:

  • Noticeable pooling of water
  • Clogging in nearby drains
  • Odd odours in the surrounding area
Parking Lot Draining Catch Basin




Mighty Fraser Motel

Quick, Amazing and very satisfying works with kind and gentle smile. Blair was the gentleman and did wonderful job very diligently. Thank you very much Blair and Ace Septic!!

Ryan Bergeron

I can without a doubt say that what ACE provides is top notch. Great knowledgeable staff and it’s clear that providing good customer service is what’s important to them. Customer for life.

Sandra Cascaden

Professional, knowledgeable, and efficient is how I would describe the services of Erin and Cody. Thank you for a job well done, guys!! Ace Tank Services is the place to go.

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