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Restaurant grease trap maintenance in Abbotsford & Maple Ridge is a regulated requirement, and if neglected, can result in fines by the health inspector. Grease trap pumping and cleaning helps minimize the fat, oil and grease that enter the municipal sewer systems from restaurant wastewater systems. When you don’t maintain and clean the grease trap, your restaurant can experience odours, blocked sinks, water flooding the floor from the drains, and other health code violations.

The Ace Tank Services Grease Trap Service Includes:

  • Removal of the contaminants of the grease trap
  • Flushing the grease trap to remove build ups
  • Checking and cleaning the inlet and outlet pipes

These services will keep your entire restaurant grease trap system working optimally. It is recommended that grease traps be emptied every 3 – 6 months. We offer a regularly scheduled cleaning service so you don’t have to call in and schedule when it is time to clean your grease trap. Ask us about our scheduled grease trap maintenance service.

Grease Trap Service
Restaurant Renovations

For Restaurant Renovations We Also Offer:

  • Flush and vacuum grease interceptor
  • Flush and vacuum sanitary sump pump chamber

We also recommend the use of a grease trap cleaner to condition the holding area between visits. Ask your technician about grease trap cleaner.

To learn more about our services, contact Ace Tank Services by calling 604-534-8242 (Langley), 604-820-3354 (Mission) or toll-free at 877-820-3354.




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I can without a doubt say that what ACE provides is top notch. Great knowledgeable staff and it’s clear that providing good customer service is what’s important to them. Customer for life.

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Professional, knowledgeable, and efficient is how I would describe the services of Erin and Cody. Thank you for a job well done, guys!! Ace Tank Services is the place to go.

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